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Here are some of the products and services I just can't live without, and if you are interested, here are the links so you can purchase them too.

Energy Clearing and Protective Shields

  • Margaret Mc Cormick she is a powerful healer who clears negative energy from prisons when she visits them. She cleans spaces, and also removes negative energy attachments. She also installs a golden shield to offer a lifetime of protection.
  • Alexandra Meadors  Although Margaret is also able to remove most implants (non-living, non-conscious 'programs' inserted into the aura to hinder growth and progress. For example, I had one in my ovary) these are proven ways to remove some of the most difficult implants.  (Reverend Pamela transitioned to the Other Side earlier this month, however, her spiritual son is taking her place, and meets her approval in the removals)
  • Isabel Henn  she is able to remove negative entities and install a powerful Diamond Shield of Protection, which lasts beyond this lifetime, and throughout the life of the soul.

Psychic Development and Reiki Instruction

Spiritual Accelerators For Growth
  • Chef Ito Aromatherapy Oils I have had one pendant or another on my person day and night nonstop since January 2013. I highly recommend them.
  • Alexandra Meadors Galactic Essences  A master alchemist, Alexandra has pre-made and also custom essences to aid you in your spiritual growth. I have seen a Galactic with my third eye, who helped her make my essences--and later once I discovered a little more about them, realized it was SaLuSa himself who had input and guidance into the making of my essences. Please note on the web page, the overview header doesn't have a page, but the individualized ones on the drop down list do. Here is a sample one for the custom blends, which I take every month, and so does my family.
  • Carla And Ross Reiki Scholarship Bracelet  this has healing stones custom designed by Ross and me to 'smooth out' the bumps and discomfort that is associated with Ascension. Made my Reiki Master Linda Dunn in New Hampshire to our specifications, this bracelet is available in a unisex design with rhodocrosite, silver, and smoky quartz. The price is thirty three dollars plus shipping and handling. Please contact Linda directly at to order.
  • An Actual 5D Person!  My friend and fellow Reiki Student Hope is a pioneering spirit, and I enjoy following her on FB and Twitter. Here is the link to her blog
  • Reiki Infused Aromatherapy Oils  I enjoy the Valor blend the most in my diffuser. Here is the link:
  • Handmade custom high-energy healing bracelets...much like Alexandra's essences, wearing these bracelets will support and align your energy to 'smooth out' any rough patches in your life experience and to accelerate your spiritual growth. I make them. And I get mine from Isabel Henn--I find them most helpful.  You can find her link on sirianheaven. You can reach me at  with a custom one you might not 'understand' the stone which are given--Spirit directs it. So it's not like saying,'I want love in my live, I want rose quartz in my bracelet' as you would at a crystal store. It's not even feeling the stones to select the ones that you feel drawn to you.  These are stones picked by Divine Mother and Spirit with your guides in the order and pattern needed to best help you out.  And when the energy is complete, sometimes they break. You will need a series of bracelets for optimum treatment.  I think of it like braces for the teeth--each one is like getting a new arch wire for the straightening of the teeth. <3  The prices are approximately one hundred dollars apiece, and payment is through PayPal. (my email is my PayPal address)

Reiki For Pets

Personal Care Products

  • Handmade Soaps By Roxanne, My Patient  she gifted me these and I love them so much I want to make them available to you--they are small squares with embossed patterns, made with shea butter, cocoa butter, or pure olive oil. The scent is clear and natural. The cost is four dollars and fifty cents a bar, plus shipping and handling. Roxanne may be reached at to order.
  • Emani Cosmetics  this is my favorite line, and I use their makeup exclusively for my face when I choose to wear foundation. I have their blush and lipstick too, although for lip and eye I also use other brands. They are available on Amazon.
  • Aromatherapy Diffuser  this one is ultrasonic and has lights too. It looks like a little Moroccan rice cooking pot.
  • Deodorant  Just look at the picture--this was the easiest one to find of this product. It really works...
  • natural bath and body products  my patient makes this. She is amazing. She also does Warrior Goddess Training too.

Healing and Personal Growth--for a Smile

Bottled Water

  • Castle Rock Water  High frequency water naturally filtered through miles of layered rock at Mount Shasta, California. In glass bottles.


  • I know one of the owners. She is an amazing soul filled with LOVE! there's a plus--their shop gives away one free day of beauty every month. All clothing is from the Los Angeles Garment District designer shops. Why not check out their small business today?

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