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The Divine Healing Codes are to give humanity relief from many causes of great suffering.

No training in any specialty of the Healing Arts is required for them to work.

They are always FREE.  No money is to pass hands in any form of work with the Divine Healing Codes which have been brought to us by the kindness of Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael who are concerned for our well-being as we walk upon Gaia.

  • Advice for when you are 'stuck' in your Healing Journey:  click here

  • Authorized translations which are for languages which are not adequately translated by the Translate Button which is provided on this page:  click here

Remember for the codes to work it will take three things:  1) energy from the Universe,  2) energy from your heart and soul (intuitive guidance and spiritual vibration), and  3) time for the healing to work.

Practice helps improve the effectiveness of the Divine Healing Codes.

If a condition or situation is written into the Life Script as a Life Lesson, the learning opportunity that is presented by the undesired condition will override the effectiveness of the Divine Healing Codes. 

The spaces between the number groups are important and must be included for the Divine Healing Codes to work.

This list is a living document and is updated often, sometimes as soon as one week intervals between additions to the list.

This is the only site authorized by Marc Gamma, Isabel Henn, and Divine Mother for the Divine Healing Codes.  Please include the link to the master list which includes all updates in any sharing of the codes.

Sadly here is the link describing unsupported use of the codes. It names names too:  CLICK HERE

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