Here is a list from an expert in the codes, of the most common questions he gets from those new to the Divine Healing Codes:

  • FAQ #1. Do I need to be attuned to use the healing-codes? 
  • No. They will work with your own heart center and the energy of Source. They are free to all and there is no fee to pay or course to take to be able to use them.

  • FAQ #2. Can anyone use them regardless of their religion?  
  • The codes are angelic and there is no religious affiliation associated with these Divine Healing Codes. The higher the level of spiritual development, the higher the vibration in the energy signature of the individual, and the more energy is in the heart center for them to work. Spirit development isn't the things other people see you do, sometimes it is just something between you and God. There is no training other than this needed for them, and practice too, for them to work.

  • FAQ #3. Can I send them long-distance?
  • Yes. Use a photograph or item of the person to send them. You don't have to use a pen to write the codes, a finger tracing them on the object will do.

  • FAQ #4. Do I need permission from the recipient to send them to someone long-distance? 
  • Send it to the Guardian Angel of the recipient, who will always know the best way to put this healing energy to use when you are in doubt about the permission.

  • FAQ #5. Do I write them only once?
  • Yes and no. Only one time is needed, but the more often you write them, the more you will 'sense' when it has been 'enough' and the condition resolves. Some major energy imbalances take a lot of time and effort to heal.

  • FAQ #6. Is there any special procedure or opening ritual before using them?
  • It is good to ask quietly in your heart for Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael and all the others who have made these codes possible to be with you, to correct any mistakes (it is important to match the right code with the right condition), and to help you send this healing for the Highest Good of All.

  • FAQ #7. Where do they come from? 
  • They are from Heaven. Source, Creator, Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael, as well as Merlin, Archangel Michael, and Our Saviour Jesus Christ have helped them come to be available for all of humanity. Please note that some conditions are written into the pre-birth contract, and individuals who are in this situation might not have the desired response, because for these individuals keeping with their Life Plan is for the Highest Good.