Authorized Translations for the Divine Healing Codes

There are many translations for the Divine Healing Codes, in many forms, and many tables. There is a series of videos in Spanish that are closest to being authorized--however, the means to keep them updated was not assured. If you see anything by Paulina Loftus, it's a fine work, just possibly a little behind from the current list.

There is one group who has approached me and does not give me credit. All I have to say is that this group has all the codes because they track the updates.  We work well together, and there is complete professionalism in our interactions with one another. In this means the list of the codes is complete.  However, it must be made clear to the world that this work does not have my blessing, my energy, nor the authorization from the Divine. Although it has been communicated to me that 'these codes belong to everyone', and they do--the strongest energy which is found in support of the codes is when the reference is made back to this source for them.

I follow Divine Mother and Archangel Raphael to the letter. I have been selected to do this work as I am diligent to this task, have medical training, and have certificates as both a psychic and a healer. It's like I have an MD and JD--only it's not in law, it's in the metaphysical arts. I am Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki master, amongst other things.

Here are the following approved translations:

  • Polish  it has been brought to my attention that Polish is a very difficult language. Google Translate button on the Blogpage is not adequate in translation of the Divine Healing Codes. I am working closely with the translator, who is a brilliant young student who volunteers his time. For the Polish Translation, which is up to date prior to 4/24/2016--please click here for authorized Polish Translation