Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Wind

Yesterday was a good day at work. A long one, but a good one. I am only working two days a week this week, and it suits me just fine. I need time, time to sort things out, and time to work on some inner things that are important to me.

Yesterday's highlight was taking a walk after dinner. Little rabbits run around the neighborhood at dusk. I always enjoy seeing them.

It wasn't easy to manage coming home.  The day had been long, the PPE had made a huge dent in my face, and I was tired from wearing it.

Two important things--this is part of what I need to sort out to be honest--manifested yesterday. As I left for work, I said, 'teams, I need your help in the lunch department, there's no time for me to pack.' And at the start of the day, the nurse manager who is also my Reiki 1 student, told me there was going to be a pot-luck buffet in her department at lunch, and I was invited. I didn't know it was her birthday! Fortunately, her department is in the recovery room. So when my long case ended around one p.m., I could take off the mask and enjoy some asian food with the nurses. There was a mango cake from the Red Ribbon bakery that was delicious, and fortunately, not too sweet. I had a very small half of a piece but I enjoyed it.

The other thing I do, and I don't understand why or how it happens--Ross is it you or my messenger angel?--when I stop and think of someone, the next day, they contact me.

It happened with two people who in my heart, I was concerned for them and wondering their absence.

One was Anthony's babysitter, Gigi, who is from Liberia and sort of just slipped through the cracks. The other was Sonya, our scheduler in the Main O.R. She had disappeared, even on Facebook, and we used to be close.

Both on their own without my texting or anything, communicated to me, one by What'sApp and the other by text.  They are doing well, and I was very happy to catch up.

BTW here's the Schumann. Right on schedule.

Ross says I can lay the parts out for my mountain I am to climb. It's a mental/intellectual/spiritual mountain.

What started it was a meditation I had with Merlin. I asked him about all the symbols and magical things.  Are they good? Are they evil? Where does he stand?

He thought about it, and said gently, it's a lot like medicine. It all depends on how you use it. And why. (MK Ultra does terrible things with my anesthesia drugs, and nerve testing equipment, for example).

Lisa Frideborg Lloyd's change last month stopped me in my tracks. I was looking through Linked In, I hardly ever do, and I noticed her blog post.

This is the Lisa who went after Doreen Virtue with a vengeance, saying, 'show us the pigs' when there was a fundraiser and the money disappeared around the time of Doreen's conversion to strict Christianity.

This is the day she put her Tarot cards away... I'm reading a book by Fritz Springmiller--and it's about the bloodlines. It says that the opponent is highly organized and these 'bloodlines' are high-ranking people in his army. Lisa Frideborg talks about this 'war' in her blog post here.  And in this blog post here she comes close to the things I am pondering and going to climb to reach more understanding.

I've read all of Lisa Frideborg's posts. I also came across this one, and I had no idea it was David Icke-- I read chapter ten with interest yesterday. Because it talks about the fourth dimensional negative entities who wreak havoc here for Earth's inhabitants, and nourish themselves off the loosh (energy of suffering).

I'm going to read his works today.

Yesterday I was sad, and asked Ross why can't they get all the Guides of Compassionate healing to take the fourth dimensional entities out of the picture, pronto, STAT?

I also was complaining, about the being here in the present, and asking, 'why can't the bad guys just go away once and for all?'

He said it's more complicated than that. And I trust him in the explanation.

I loved the parts in chapter ten that talked about how Crowley was a really good mountain climber and into runes before he turned sour. And then when he died, he said, 'I'm perplexed' and when Michael Aquino died, he said, 'I've lived my life the wrong way...' or something like that.

It appears that there is a natural order of things. The way Creation flows, as intended.

Then magic -- the ability to work with the energies of creation-- exists.

And some, the Super Elite--work these energies to meet their will, or at least what they think is their will--but most likely the will of off-planet beings who influence them.

I've asked Ross, where do all these dark beings come from anyway, and what is their deal?

I've had more and more things come my way for the answers, and I will work to understand it, as best as I can. It will take time.  I trust and I love Ross.

Today I needed to talk to Ashtar. I wanted to know if I screwed things up and made life harder for him. He was, as always, kind and polite. He isn't angry.

I need more time with Ross and Merlin and the rest too.

There is a war out there, a Spiritual one, and I know our teams are on top of things, and it's going to be okay. I just want to have a good look at the framework of what is going on, who are the key players, what are the strategies--at least on what has been going on. No top secret future stuff, of course.

I asked Ross about a situation that affects my heart. He asked me how I felt but he showed me an example to go with it. He asked me to throw a stone into a stream we were sitting next to. I did, but it wasn't like a normal stone at all, even though when I threw it it felt like one. It was bouncing and zinging back and forth really fast all over the place, in one plane, zoom zip bounce ricochet bounce, without any signs of stopping. Then all at once, some external force intervened, and it dropped straight down. That external force was the intervention of my star family. And it feels SO much better now after they stepped in. It's easier and everything is flowing energetically as expected to flow.

Setting the intention to be loving in everything you do, is important.

Getting sunshine, having fun in Nature, and enjoying the gift of being alive is important too.

Doing your calling, is important, where you are. I had a frightened patient yesterday. Anxiety, chest pain, but we delayed surgery to check everything out. The surgeon was cool.

A nurse said thank you for not being in a rush, ever. And I spoke from my heart to her--with me there are two rules. The first is patient is family. If I wouldn't do what we are planning to do for my mom, I won't do it for the patient either--that's my criteria on safety. And second, the patient is the quarterback--it's all about them, and there is never a rush.

Everything went beautifully. It's important to be who you are, and to be open about your principles and guidelines and outlook on what is at hand.

The second best part of yesterday, was when Spirit asked me to ask a different surgeon how his daughter was doing.  She has a cat! There was a cat with kittens at a neighboring hospital where they work. Workers found it. So after a delay for the cat to raise the kittens up a little more, he and his wife were able to adopt out all of them and kept one. And they named her 'Rona' for the virus. It was a wonderful and special moment we all shared. She's really cute too, sort of a calico I guess, because there's lots of different colors everywhere on her.

Good things can and will happen--as Ross says, 'are going to happen'. They are going to happen at their own time. They can be quick.

I will make lunch, get some sunshine, and then dance. I've had my dance wear on the whole time. I had trouble logging in to get the computer instead of my phone to show the dance video for the barre.

I'm really glad I wrote this. It was on my chest.

If you don't hear from me for a bit, it's because I'm climbing my mountain and learning what I can to help make sense out of these times.

In the meantime, discern and be good to yourselves.

I love you and Ross does too.  Very, very much.  (we are holding hands, side by side).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are family with everyone and everybody, every day, forever.