Thursday, January 23, 2020

You Can Expect A Wonderful Miracle To Begin

Good things are happening!

We want to first make you smile, with a little sketch from SNL, about 'Chad'.  Ross and the galactics encourage us to be like Chad--so overwhelmingly positive that nothing of a darker nature ever 'sticks'...

Chad's secret is he lives in the moment and has no expectations about anything...and he just manifests his own experiences without too many emotional ties to anything. He is detached as a Buddhist training would teach, and yet, good-hearted and loving through and through.

Send love.

Don't buy it what they are telling you.

I saw the chem trails for days about two weeks ago. They were everywhere.

Then, people at work started getting sick. With a dry cough.

I spoke with a colleague at lunch. She had a fever of 103.5F for three days! She's had her flu shot. Then her husband caught it. Then her son who has epilepsy. She took her son in, he got one day of tamiflu, and only one day of fever.

The new thing 'from China' has the same symptoms--super high fever.

There's been things online saying the particular one has been engineered and patented. There's lots of them. And lots of biotech advanced stuff. I can say the virology building at Berkeley had the absolute worst energy, the worst on the whole campus, back in 1982. I could sense it.

So for whatever reason, be careful. Up your Vitamin D, and C, and wash your hands. Avoid public places for a while--I'm not planning to go to Disneyland or the mall, for example.

And work with your guides.

Send love to everyone who is taken up in the 'fear porn' that the media is selling about this. And send love to the people of China.

What are the odds for two horrible viruses, SARS and this, to come from the same 'meat market' or 'fish market' in all of China, to start a pandemic?  This is bizarre and highly unlikely. Unless it's a global plan and that's the designated place for something hatched in the lab to be released.

The seeds have been planted.

They are going to bloom!

Look at all the white here!

Chinese New Year is coming! It is year of the Rat, a very good year!

And the New Moon is in Aquarius.

There's also a repost from The Council

What up?

A miracle!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Friends <3 Who are One in Heart with all the earth and its peoples