Saturday, March 14, 2015

Gaia News Brief 14.3.2015

Thank You Metatron

He just sent me a gift of fifty dollars. The person he is working with just sent me a money order. I picked it up at the post office this morning when I  went to mail out two bracelets.

I was instructed to buy something for yourself that really makes you smile.

I looked for a little cowbell or cow to remind me of his kindness in agreeing to do this for me, as his signal.

Instead I picked a beautiful globe made of silver for my Pandora bracelet. Only the most special and precious charms for me to there. I have three, one picked by Anthony's grandmother (not my mom, but my 'mom' in my heart), and two from Ross and Anthony.

Now Metatron has one there for me to.

I will write a thank you and take a picture of it and send it once it arrives in the mail. I bought it online.

And I am smiling.

My Lessons

I have to learn how to celebrate. I don't know how. So yesterday my guides 'nudged' me, and asked me to 'go show up' for the cake when our OR Manager is leaving. I didn't want cake. I don't even like cake. But I agreed to be a smiling face with good cheer when Janet came in.

Well, there was a break about ten minutes after, and Spirit said, 'GO'. So I had a piece of cake. It was yucky with Cool Whip frosting, and also smashed banana slices and vanilla pudding in the center of the chocolate cake.

I ate the cake and made small talk.

And people RESPONDED!

People LIKE small talk!

All it takes is to get people to talk about themselves...I learned a lot from someone who is active military reserve...he spoke more about his weekend than I've ever heard him speak...

I get the point. Small talk is important. It establishes trust and an interest in people, when done with an open heart...

For my advanced lesson, tonight, I go to the 'restaurant party' for Janet. Alcohol will be served. This is 'Advanced Small Talk'--interaction with intoxicated people.  Let's see how it goes!

I don't even know what to wear...LOL...

I guess that's my NEXT lesson!


Papa is what I call Divine Father. I have been able to see him since medical school. At the time, he looked like Charlton Heston as Moses--white flowing hair and long beard. I would knock on his office door, sit on his lap, and cry into his soft beard because medical school and getting a divorce and having my grandfather die was so painful.

He has been getting younger, Papa...he is just with a touch of gray now, and no beard or at least a short one...

But we talk.

I went to him last night and told him I haven't the slightest clue where to go next in my spiritual Journey. A lot is asked of me, and I want to do everything I can. But will He please help point me in the right direction and hold my hand?

He reassured me.

I told him, 'I can't make it without you.  Your believing in me is what keeps me going. You are always kind and loving and honest with me. Thank you for being my dad.'

I said this around ten last night on the ride home.

Look! He answered back here too...


Anthony is reincarnation of my grandfather. And HIS father is the reincarnation of my great grandfather.

They didn't get along in that life.

They aren't doing so great in this one either.

Anthony texted me this morning from his father's house. It was the first time.

I watched him play his basketball. He was overheating and tired, and he got hurt.

I could tell he wanted me, and to stay with me.  But he had to go with the rest of his father's weekend.

Fathers and mothers are different, and this is for a reason. And lessons that are carried over from one life to the next are important too. I send him Reiki--the single most important thing I found to make this 'co-parenting' tolerable. Through Reiki I can send my love to my child when he is away.

Sometimes life is rough.

The Bracelets

Here are some of the latest:

this is for Twin Souls. The one on the left is Bliss, a copy of my own. She is also wearing the Carla and Ross Reiki scholarship bracelet

This is Transcendance, which has the 3D version of the Reiki Symbol for it for each chakra

This is custom for someone in long-term care with very delicate skin.

Each bracelet is designed with Spirit, in the last one shown, even with the blessing of Divine Mother herself!  They are very high energy, and are made to work with your aura to enhance and support your spiritual growth, and accelerate it.

Already, I have had someone 'upgrade' two times--they are 'growing in' to their new Vibrations.  

This is a beautiful thing to observe...


Carla 'turned up the heat' on the oven last week.

Some of you are feeling it. Carla is herself. She broke down with Heavenly Father, and asked for his support, guidance and strength.

Carla did not come to me, and I am okay with it. Carla asked me herself to help her intubate a patient who was darn near un-intubatable yesterday. She called out, with her heart, 'Ross! I can't do this without you!'... She also wrote for me today this beautiful prayer, from her heart:

So I am not in any way offended by her desire to seek support from her Papa, as she calls him.

I seek my own kind of support myself, sometimes from Carla, sometimes from my peers, and sometimes from my very own Divine Father and Mother too.

When you reach 'the end of your rope' , your 'limit', I want you to reach OUT for All Divine Assistance.

It may be a friend who you feel close in Spirit. It may be your Star Family, whether you know them or not. It might be like Carla did, to Source...

Follow your heart.

And meditate on it. Meditation doesn't have to be in a lotus position with your legs crossed and saying OM.  Some of my best meditation is when I am working with my hands on my hobby, making beautiful things of wood. And for Carla, it is her Sudoku, or her commute, or even her lying on the couch taking a 'nap' and talking to us.

Today Carla was brought aboard the habitat of Ashtar. There Carla found a horse, a beautiful brown horse, and Carla, quickly forgot about us, and ran to ride bareback on that horse!

Only the horse could communicate with Carla by telepathy. And he took Carla up to a very high place, with a ground about the size of a living-room floor, that was visible, surrounded by thin air.

He told Carla to jump. Now Carla doesn't like heights. But she trusted. And she leapt, only to discover it was like walking on glass--see through--but solid.  She stumbled on something.

He had her take a look.

It was a TREASURE CHEST! Filled with gold objects. He had her take a look, and asked her to take anything she wanted...

Now, Carla is not like other people. Carla wouldn't jump in or participate. Carla had to find out FIRST who that treasure belonged to, and by her taking it would anyone be hurt or sad because it was missing?

The horse reassured her this was in Spirit, it was a Lesson, and therefore, no one would get hurt, it was OKAY...

So gingerly, as if something was going to bite that was inside, Carla carefully examined the gold.
She was working with her intuition to find the piece that was 'right'. All of them were different.

She found one about five inches in diameter, flat, about the thickness of a quarter. It was solid gold with a face on it, one that Carla couldn't read. She struggled to make out the design and understand the significance of what she had chosen.

Now next time you meditate, I want you to go to that box, and select a piece out of it that is for you. It is safe to take it. The treasure box will never empty. But only take ONE.

I want you to discover, just like Carla will be working on the next few days,  what importance this gold piece is for you.

No two are the same in their shapes and sizes. Some are jewelry. Some are like crowns, some chains..just about anything you think of that is made of gold is within.

I ask you to share your answers here in the comments section as you find them. Please be patient with the 'verify yourself' portion of the submitting the comments process with this blog. Carla will approve them in a short time.

Thank you for always listening...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins